Saturday, April 21, 2012

Landscaping for a Real Estate Selling Edge in Westchester County New York

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive upgrade to give your property a selling edge consider landscaping. It can be a simple and inexpensive upgrade but will give your property a selling edge. Whether you are planning to sell this year or five years from now, beautiful landscaping will give you very high returns on your investment now and later. For return on investment, landscaping ranks right up there with kitchen and bathroom remodeling. A simple landscape upgrade can be done for much less than either of those interior upgrades. Keep the design simple, complicated garden designs and vegetation that requires a lot of tending generally won’t increase most home values

Landscaping is not the same as simple exterior curb appeal. Nearly any property can be made more appealing by keeping the lawns trimmed and mowed, removing lawn ornaments, and judiciously placing flowers. Landscaping involves more permanent elements, such as ornamental and shade trees, flower beds, and water features. Unfortunately, landscaping alone won’t help sell a home in poor condition, but it will lift a home’s profile among similar properties. If you decide to take on a landscaping project, consider getting professional advice from a landscape architect or designer. Even if you do the actual installation yourself, getting professional advice can prevent some common landscaping errors that actually decrease the value of your home. One typical error is planting pine trees too close to the home. The trees may look nice when they are small, but 20 years later an enormous pine tree can dwarf a home. Planting the right trees can make or break your landscape.

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