Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Westchester’s Residential Architecture Span Centuries and Styles - Westchester Magazine - January 2013 - Westchester, NY

Beaux-Arts (1890-1930) Kykuit (1913) Pocantico Hills

From Dutch Colonial to McMansions and the hundreds of years in between, there’s an architectural diversity in Westchester that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Sure, when you think about Westchester’s houses, you think of Tudors, Colonials, and raised ranches. What sets us apart from the rest of the country is that, if you look past the typical stock and really examine your surroundings, you can actually trace the entire history of the country’s architecture—starting before there even was a country—through houses that still survive here. “Residential architecture here started in the Dutch Colonial period—and they just kept building and building,” says John Milnes Baker, AIA, author of American House Styles: A Concise Guide. (Baker’s own house, Rivendell in Northern Westchester, was deemed important enough to be included in a coloring book by A.G. Smith.) “It just flourished, and you can still find wonderful examples of almost every style of architecture in the area.” Here, a sampling of periods included in American House Styles, and where you can find a house in each style still standing in the County and its environs. Note that many of our local architectural offerings pre-date the years that those styles became popular—we always were the trendsetters...Read>>

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