Saturday, April 21, 2012

7 points review when buying an older home

In Westcheter County New York there are many lovely older homes for sale. If you are considering buying an older home this 7 points review list may help you evaluate the property condition.
  1. Trees. Check them out. Dying trees and dead branches are an emergency waiting to happen. The first spring storm that comes around might give you some very serious damage. Look for bent branches, if you had a heavy snow storm in the winter. Look for tree roots peeking through the soil as it can suggest a shallow-rooted plant.
  2. Pavement condition. To put it simply, cracks happen. Still, you should evaluate the pavement condition and ask yourself if it appears generally solid.
  3. Gutters. They should be clean.  
  4. Air conditioner condenser. The first thing you think about when you look at a house is no doubt NOT the air conditioner condenser. But it is worth taking a look. The condenser should be free of debris, leaves and dirt.  
  5. Deck integrity. Look for areas of wood rot, chipping or raised fibers on the wood. Observe the overall strength and stability of the deck.  
  6. Garage door operation. Simply: Does the door open and close? That is not something you want to find out after you move in.  
  7. Downspouts. Look to see that rain is directed away from the foundation of the house.

 You will know best how each of these points should be weighted. For example, you might expect a newer home to have a pristine driveway. Meanwhile, an older home packed with charm but might have a driveway with a crack or two. You’ll have to decide how important each point is.

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